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  • Here’s Why Practice Shooting with One Hand is Important

    Constant practice with your handgun is a must for concealed carrying and self-defense. Most people tend to practice shooting with two hands for comfort, plus there is a greater level of accuracy with holding the weapon steady. These are easy enough to achieve in practice, but what about in real life?

    One hand shooting

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  • How to Avoid and Prevent Escalation of Violence in Conceal Carry

    When you conceal carry, you commit to a whole set of responsibilities that safeguard you and the people around you. One of these is to avoid bad situations when you can and prevent your involvement in any violent situation for as much as possible.

    Prevent Escalation of Violence in Conceal Carry Prevent Escalation of Violence in Conceal Carry

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  • Best Practise When Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    We all know that carrying a concealed weapon is a big responsibility. It involves not just constant practice and vigilance but avoiding specific circumstances as well. Here, we’ve got some of the top situations you have to avoid at all costs to prevent any misunderstanding or anything worse.

    Concealed carry weapon

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  • Why Self-Defense Shooting is Aimed at Center Mass

    Most people, especially those who are not schooled in concealed carrying for self-defense, may not understand the sound reasoning behind aiming for center mass. After all, it would seem that aiming for the limbs to incapacitate an attacker would be enough, right? Not really. Stopping the target with the gun in your holster and not necessarily killing is what concealed carriers want, and so center mass is aimed. Here’s why.


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  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Concealed Carry Lifestyle

    These days, safety is a paramount concern for many. It seems that crimes are perpetrated daily at any place, and there’s no telling when and where your life or those around you may be in the way of danger. This is why you have to make sure that you will get the most out of your concealed carry practice.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Concealed Carry Lifestyle

    Make sure to account for comfort

    Your comfort is something that must not be sacrificed with your concealed carry weapon. Personal discomfort can lead to dangerous habits and situations, such as negligent firing, printing, and others. If you’re uncomfortable with your weapon, chances are you’ll be less enthusiastic about having to carry it around.

    Make sure to buy a high quality holster that fits your weapon well so that both your safety and comfort are accounted for. To find the perfect one, test it out by seeing how well it lets you to bend, sit, kneel, drive, and walk around with your weapon in place.

    Make an everyday carrying commitment

    Everyday concealed carry is a big decision in your life. It’s also an important aspect that will pay off well in a dangerous emergency. Adjustments have to be made, and constant vigilance is a must. Make sure to accommodate for your weapon with every place you go, checking the rules and making adjustments where necessary. Keep your weapon close, and develop an effective conceal carry habit for life.

    Always keep your situational awareness sharp

    Concealed carry and situational awareness go hand in hand to ensure safety. This is why you have to make sure to keep your senses sharp wherever you go and practice appropriate vigilance. Evaluate each environment you spend some time in and identify possible exits. This way, violent confrontations can be avoided and safety can be given proper attention.

    Keep your practice time interesting

    Covering the basics are all very well when you spend some time on the range, but over time this might make you overly confident and even a bit lax in real life. It’s a good idea to keep things interesting with your training by mixing things up. You can  opt to go for moving targets, practice situation-specific tactics, enroll in an advanced course, join shooting clubs and competitions, and many more options to choose from – anything to keep your skills up to speed.

    Promote accountability with others

    Motivation is a good key to keeping your concealed carry habit up to standard. To promote accountability, connect with other weapon owners, such as at a club or within your social circles or family. Commit to helping each other out with reminders on periodic gun maintenance and go on partnered training sessions. When you have someone else with the same interests and concerns, you’ll be more than likely to not let things slip.

    Having a concealed carry lifestyle isn’t just a matter of keeping your gun close. It entails a lot of other things that need to be given time and attention to, whether that’s training, cleaning or getting more knowledge. This way, you’ll get the most from your concealed carry habits if a situation ever comes that calls for it.

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  • Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Make the Concealed Carry Choice

    When it comes to carrying a handgun, many people give varying but similar reasons, and it mainly has to do with self-protection. But what about the opposite behind this reasoning? Take a look at some of the reasons people have for choosing not to carry a concealed weapon.
    Reasons Why People Don’t Want to Make the Concealed Carry Choice

    Responsibility and inconvenience

    It is a well-known fact that carrying a weapon instills no small amount of responsibility, and even inconvenience up to a certain point. You have to make adjustments when it comes to your clothing, your lifestyle, and your mindset. While this may seem enough to deter some, those who do consider to conceal carry understand how important self-protection is, and how worth it all the sacrifice will be in the end.

    Responsibility with carrying your weapon doesn’t just include your gun. Make sure to invest in the proper holster that has the right fit and quality and practice situational awareness at all times.

    Laws for concealed carrying

    When it comes to concealed carrying, there are laws in place to make sure that legalities and self-protection go well in hand. Some people think that possession of a firearm can guarantee trouble with the law, which is why they have misgivings about concealed carrying and all who follow it. But this is just not true.

    When handled properly, carrying a weapon can be really lifesaving. Using your weapon can have legal issues of course, but as long as you are well within your rights for carrying and using your weapon, you should be safe.

    In this day and age, even with laws on guns in place, only law-abiding citizens will follow the rules while crimes are perpetrated by those who don’t. It only seems right that people are given the chance to protect themselves with their own weapons, as constituted by the law.

    Legal consequences

    Many people think that having a gun can beget liabilities, especially when you are forced to use it in an emergency situation. This prevents people from having an open mind with concealed carrying. True, the consequences are something you have to be prepared to face, especially when it comes to getting sued.

    There are companies that offer specific insurance for self-defense shooting, such as the NRA, Second Call Defense and more. Make sure to check into this beforehand to get yourself well covered legally.

    Other people’s views

    Different kinds of people have different opinions when it comes to carrying a firearm. Your family, friends, and significant other – they will have their own views with regard to your gun. You can choose to discuss the topic first with the ones closest to you, such as your spouse. This way, they will have their own bearing in relation to your weapon and how to keep safe.

    Keep in mind that concealed carrying is your own business, so make sure that you abide by the rules for not printing or flashing your weapon in public to prevent any misunderstanding with others.

    Everyday concealed carry is not a light matter. It involves a lot of responsibility and mental preparedness before it can be considered a success. This is why it’s best to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages first in relation to yourself before considering doing it.

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  • Resolutions for Concealed Carriers in 2016

    When it comes to carrying a concealed weapon, commitment and discipline are two very important factors. Many view concealed carrying as a lifelong pursuit, something which has to be given due attention to ensure absolute safety and efficiency.

    Resolutions for Concealed Carriers in 2016

    This year, we’ve rounded out some of the best resolutions you can include in your endeavour for concealed carrying to help you improve and maintain proper carry.

    Get more practice

    As concealed carry is perceived as a lifelong commitment, it would also be logical for you to constantly sharpen your skills. Make sure to get more practice time this year at the range to improve your marksmanship abilities, tactics, and mindset. You can’t afford to get behind on your training, as you never know when and what the situation is going to be when you may need to use your weapon. Make sure to tailor your practice schedule to your needs and preferences, but commit to it fully.

    Commit to everyday concealed carry

    Carrying a concealed weapon is a big commitment in itself. After all the training and the adjustments, in the name of self-defense and safety, it would be most beneficial if you commit to carrying every day. You never know when you may need your weapon, with many possible situations which may call for personal protection of yourself and your loved ones. This practice can help you when the need arises, at any moment, any place.

    Practice situational awareness

    In the fast-paced world of today, it’s easy to get lost in one’s thinking, or perhaps getting immersed on one’s phone, and subsequently ignoring the surroundings completely. When it comes to concealed carry, there are a lot of disciplinary tactics you need to hone, one of which is the crucial situational awareness. This year, commit to paying more attention to your surroundings, whether it’s just watching people or evaluating certain environments and places.

    Get more educated about concealed carry

    One of the best ways to ensure safety for concealed carry is to get more education about the practice. Read up on gun laws, especially in your home state or the places you are planning to visit. This way, you can enhance your knowledge while making sure that you are always within your rights. In addition to honing your skills by practicing, you can also opt to join official organisations and attend events.

    Avoid unnecessary fights and provocations

    Carrying a weapon is a serious matter, giving you the ability to protect yourself as well as potentially harm others. If you find yourself getting worked up over an issue with somebody else, make sure to resolve it as much as you can and walk away while you’re still carrying your weapon.

    This is to avoid any untoward instance when you might feel like reaching for your handgun. Using your weapon involves a lot of responsibility, so make sure to use it in the right situations, such as when your life is truly in danger or when someone is shooting at you.

    Your style for concealed carry is your own, based on your personality and lifestyle, as much as a good quality holster fits your weapon perfectly. To be on the safe side, you must always follow guidelines and constantly seek avenues to enhance your skills. With these resolutions for the New Year, you are one step closer to effective concealed carrying.

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  • Your Daily Checklist Before Leaving Home with Your Weapon


    Your Daily Checklist Before Leaving Home with Your Weapon

    The world of today moves fast, and for some it’s easy to let things slip as other, more important tasks loom over. For concealed carry, this is a big thing that must be avoided. Here, we’ve listed down the things you have to check out every time you leave the house with your concealed carry weapon to ensure safety.

    A round in the chamber

    Putting a round in your chamber is a crucial thing that can mean the difference between life and death, safety and danger. This is why you have to check for this every single day and make it a priority. If you’re still relatively new to concealed carrying, you may feel trepidation at carrying a round in your chamber. Just remember that it means you’re absolutely prepared to face off a threat immediately.

    Try to ease your discomfort by getting an excellent quality inside the waistband holster, which has great retention over the trigger to prevent misfiring. Remember to pay great attention to detail when it comes to firearm safety and protection to avoid any mishap or develop bad concealed carry habits.

    Don’t forget your permit

    When it comes to the law, don’t take chances. Make sure to always have your concealed carry permit with you, ready to present to law enforcement or authority figures who may ask for proof that you are not going outside the bounds of your rights. Check the rules specific to your state or area beforehand to ensure that you won’t run into any legal troubles.  

    Check for restrictions

    Whatever place you’re going to, you need to check first what restrictions are present so that you won’t encounter any problems with legal issues. Your permit for concealed carry will let you keep your weapon about you as long as it’s within the limits of the law. In addition, there are state and federal restrictions in effect relating to this. Make sure you know what those are.

    Keep in mind that ignorance of the law is never an excuse if you make any violations. As a gun owner, it is your responsibility to know where you stand with the law, and that means knowing what you can and cannot do.

    To be adequately prepared, get to know the places you’ll be going to, where you plan to make stops, where you might stop by for a number of unpredictable reasons, and your destinations. This way, you can easily look into the rules set by each place and prepare accordingly.

    Build your mindset

    These days, it’s easy to get lost in the hubbub of day to day life and neglect things which have to be maintained – such as your situational awareness ability. This crucial part of your mindset will help you to always be aware with regard to your everyday environment – everywhere, at any time.

    To do this, sharpen your mental skills and get rid of the clutter, including stressful thoughts, worries, and other issues. These things can cloud your ability for situational awareness. Once you slip with regard to this area, it’s easy to fall into the habit everyday that you conceal carry.

    When it comes to carrying your weapon every day, there are a number of different things that you have to take into consideration, things that have to be kept in mind at all times. This way, you’ll be more adept at handling an emergency situation should it occur.

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  • Night Sights are Critical

    I have a friend who has had a very interesting career guarding important people and valuable stuff all over the world. He is currently an instructor at a prominent east coast shooting academy. Trust me when I say you do not ever want to be on the wrong side of a fight with this guy. While I have the greatest respect for his abilities and knowledge, he and I disagree about the guns stuff at times. We are gun guys and that’s just what we do. For example, he is an advocate of the 9mm and I am not. He also argues that there is little reason to use night sights on a handgun. He says “you must see your target before you are justified in shooting and if you can see the target you can see your sights.” Some of that, of course, is “cover your ass” from a teacher’s perspective in an industry that is stalked by lawyers. Read More

  • When is it Time to Replace Your Night Sights?

    Contrary to current trends I am a big fan of the .40 S&W in a high capacity fighting gun. I bought my first one, a Glock G22, in 1994. It has handled thousands of rounds of ammo and I think I might have cleaned it once, but my memory is fuzzy and I may be mistaken. Still, this gun has run flawlessly all those years.

    The one “extra” I ordered was the factory installed night sights. Now, 21 years later they have run through their life cycle and dimmed. Damn, it’s always something with this gun! Read More

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